VikingRotterdam: Aug ’15 Viking brings a barge with sections of the sunken car carrier – note the remains of the new cars inside the upturned near bow section.

Dec ’12 Baltic Ace (inset) sank after collision with the container feeder Corvus J, 25 miles offshore close to the Rotterdam shipping lanes in 35ms of water.

Eleven crew died. The removal contract was awarded to Royal Boskalis Westminster / Mammoet Salvage. Viking: (Koerts-Delfzijl 332 ‘08 Kooiman-Zwijndrecht 6082hp Mitsubishi).

Crown RubyAs the reefer Crown Ruby arrives from the Caribbean SD Bountiful sails to assist, Sept ‘15.

With SD Indulgent astern and SD Bountiful ahead, Crown Ruby enters Portsmouth. (Serco – SD Indulgent 186,’10 Damen-Stocznia Tzcew/Gorinchem 3500bhp Cats. SD Bountiful 271,10 Damen- Gorinchem 4021bhp Cats).

Wolraad Woltemade John RossSisters Wolraad Woltemade and John Ross in their prime built for Safmarine for stand-by and salvage duties to handle the increasing size of vessels getting into trouble off the Cape.

The most powerful in the world in their day and said by some to be the most beautiful. Named after South African civilian heroes who saved lives. Built as SA Wolraad Woltemade (2,918,’76, Robb Caledon-Leith, Mirrlees- Blackstone 19,200 bhp – scrapped Alang 2010). SA John Ross became John Ross, Amandla, Smit Amandla.

Now Smit Amandla Marine formerly Smit Marine SA (2,918,’76 Elgin Brown & Hamer- Durban 19,200 bhp Mirrlees Blackstone).

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