On April 6 Dutch sailing vessels took part in the Race of the Classics from Holland across the North Sea to off Harwich and then cruised up to Ipswich.

The crews of these ships were about 500 European university students. This event, first ran in 1989, starts at Rotterdam and finishes in Amsterdam. The largest of the twenty-one traditional rigged vessels in the race was the barque Artemis originally launched in 1926 as a Norwegian whaler. The ships are all well maintained, have powerful engines and loud pop music in port for the students.

Just over a week later several of these vessels, notably the Artemis, ketch Gallant and schooner Jantje, were back up the Thames at Royal Greenwich for a Parade of Sail on April 16.

This was the opening of the Rendez-Vous Tall Ships Regatta to celebrate 150 years of Canada as a nation. The Parade included the United Kingdom’s barque Earl of Pembroke and the Sea Cadet’s brig Royalist while the largest vessels were the Norwegian full-rigged ship Christian Radich and the 4-masted Portuguese schooner Santa Maria Manuela. This schooner, built of steel at Lisbon in 1937 for cod fi shing on the Grand Banks, was originally owned in Oporto, but has become a passenger schooner registered in Madeira.

In all twenty-eight ships gathered at Royal Greenwich on April 16 and thirteen were Dutch owned vessels. Four days before the Parade, nine vessels were running passenger trips between South Woolwich and Greenwich. Again most of these were Dutch, but the Earl of Pembroke and the German tops’l schooner Thor Heyerdahl also reaped the rewards from these trips.

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