Drugs with a street value of $500mn were unloaded at Port Everglades, Florida, on Nov 15 by the US Coast Guard after being found during searches by eight cutters in separate operations off the coasts of Mexico and Central and South America

The drugs were unloaded from the James, which is a 418ft long Legend class cutter. The cutters involved were:

  • Active, based at Port Angeles, Wahington: Responsible for two cases, seizing an estimated 3,148lbs of cocaine;
  • Bear, based Portsmouth, Virginia: One case, 44lbs of cocaine;
  • Campbell, based at Kittery, Maine: One case, 5,441lbs of cocaine;
  • Dauntless, based Pensacola, Florida: Two cases, 2,050lbs of cocaine;
  • James, based North Charleston, South Carolina: Nine cases, 19,288lbs of cocaine;
  • Spencer, based Boston, Mass.: One case, 4,497lbs of cocaine;
  • Stratton, based Alameda, California: One case, 440lbs of cocaine;
  • Venturous, based St. Petersburg, Florida: Two cases, 3,100lbs of cocaine.

In the previous week, the crew of the US Coast Guard cutter Vigilant returned to herhomeport of Cape Canaveral, Florida, on Nov 6 at the end of a 63-day patrol in the Caribbean.

During the two months, the 210ft long medium endurance cutter detected and interdicted two drug trafficking vessels, detained seven smugglers and seized more than $700,000 worth of narcotics. The Coast Guard crew also worked closely with representatives from the Bahamas and the Haiti authorities to effect the prosecution of the suspected criminals.

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