USS Cincinnati

US News

USS CINCINNATI is the latest member of the expanding littoral combat ship fl eet to be delivered to the US Navy.

She was accepted during a ceremony at Austal USA’s facility at Mobile, Alabama and is the tenth Independence class ship. Meanwhile, sister ship, USS Oakland, was christened at Mobile, Alabama on 29 June.

A month later, the latest Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyer to join the fl eet, USS Paul Ignatius, was commissioned into service at a ceremony conducted at Port Everglades on 27 July.

The third America class assault ship, USS Tripoli, completed her builders’ sea trials at the end of July, prior to be handed over to the US Navy.

Italian News

THE AIRCRAFT CARRIER, ITS Cavour, was taken in hand by dock-workers at the Taranto Navy Yard in order that she be refi tted to make her compatible with the new F-35B Lightning II strike fi ghter aircraft. The ship entered dry dock on 20 July and is expected to remain at Taranto until the spring of 2020. After nearly a decade in service, whilst in dock, the ship will also receive a host of other upgrades. Italy is buying 30 of the jets to replace the elderly AV-8B Harrier jump jets currently in service.

French News

THE FREMM multi mission frigate, FS Normandie, was completed and will, within the next few months, be transferred over to the French fl eet in June. Meanwhile, on 3 July, the fi rst of the six Rubis class nuclear powered attack submarines, Saphir, arrived home at Cherbourg where she was retired from service with the French fl eet after 35 years of active service. Later in the month, on 13 July, the Naval Group shipyard at Cherbourg launched the submarine, FS Suffren, the fi rst of six Barracuda class nuclear powered attack submarines.

The French Navy supply tender, FS Elan, A768 was decommissioned from service on 2 July.

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