INS Khanderi

indian News

The troubled Scorpene class submarine program hit another snag in June.

The Indian Navy highlighted a large number of defects on the second vessel, INS Khanderi in June.

The Scorpene programme is already lagging five years behind schedule and has become a political hot potato within the Indian Government.

One of the most important defects that needs to be rectified was that the submarine was exceptionally noisy which is a killer defect in what should be a super silent submarine.

Australian News

After a 20-month Mid Life Capability Assurance Program (AMCAP) refit at the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson, Western Australia, the Anzac class frigate HMAS Arunta, has re-joined the Royal Australian Navy.

The work on the frigate began in September 2018 and saw the replacement of the ageing Raytheon SPS-49(V)8 ANZ long-range air-search radar with the CEAFAR2 L-band radar.

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