Dreadnought Class

UK News

The fourth member of the new Dreadnought class of nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines will bear the name HMS King George VI.

It will be the first time that a vessel of the Royal Navy has born the name of the Queen’s late father. The new submarine will join Dreadnought, Valiant and Warspite in maintaining Britain’s continuous at sea deterrent with the new Trident missile system well into the 21st century.

German News

The lead member of the F125 class frigates was re-delivered to the German Navy on 30 April at Wilhelmshaven naval base.

FGS Baden-Württemberg, the first of a total of four units in the class, had already been delivered to the navy in 2016, but was returned to her shipbuilders following the discovery of software and hardware issues during her sea trials. The rectification work meant that the ship will commission into service two years later than originally planned in June 2019.

Canadian News

The Canadian Ministry of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard jointly announced the names of the pair of interim icebreakers that will join the fleet.

The two ships are currently undergoing conversion from civilian use and will be renamed as CCGS Jean Goodwill and CCGS Vincent Massey. Meanwhile, a major CAD 7.1 million contract to refit the CCGS Louis St-Laurent has been awarded to Chantier Davie.

South Korean News

A trio of 7,600 ton new destroyers was announced by the South Korean Government in a contract worth US$3.3 billion.

The new KDX III Sejong the Great class ships will be equipped with American supplied Aegis combat systems as well as sophisticated ballistic missile interceptors based on either RIM-161 Standard or SM 3 missile systems.

The South Korean’s also announced their plans to develop three more heavy attack submarines by 2028. The project, given the code name KSS-III, will see a trio of 3,450 ton submarines costing US$2.9 billion. The new boats will be 6 metres longer and 450 tons heavier than the preceding Batch 1 boats and will feature ten vertical launch cells.

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