HMS Clyde

British News

It has been announced by the Brazilian Government in early December that the Falklands Patrol ship HMS Clyde will be transferred to the Brazilian fleet when her current contract expires at the end of 2019.

The ship is owned and maintained by BAE Systems but operated by the Royal Navy.

The last of the eight Type 26 frigates to be built for the Royal Navy by BAE Systems will bear the name of HMS Edinburgh, last worn by the stretched Batch III Type 42 destroyer.

A few days later, the Defence Secretary also announced that the second member of the Dreadnought class of nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines would bear the name HMS Valiant.

South Korean News

Hyundai Heavy Industries launched the large training ship Hansando (pictured) on 16 November at its Ulsan shipyard.

The ship has been built under the Republic of Korea Navy’s Training Ship Experimental (ATX) programme and is expected to be delivered form the shipbuilder in 2021.

Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering received a 444 billion won (US$400million) contract to build a new submarine rescue ship. The new 5,200 ton vessel has been dubbed ASR-11 and will operate alongside the smaller 3,200 ton 1995 built rescue ship Cheonghaejin.

Iranian News

Iran has completed the construction of the frigate Sahand on 1 December. This vessel is the third Mowj derivative of the 1960’s Alvand class light frigates. The other two vessels were Jamaran and Damavand, the latter sank in the Caspian Sea in 2018.

A fourth vessel, Dena, is under construction at Bandar Abbas. Sahand is armed with a standard 76mm gun, two triple launchers for lightweight torpedoes and a pair of 20mm GAM-BO1 guns. The ships are also likely to mount an Iranian version of the SM-1 surface to air missile and four anti ship missiles in containers forward of the bridge.

Brazilian News

The world’s oldest operational aircraft carrier the Brazilian NAe São Paulo was finally decommissioned from service on 22 November following the acceptance into service of the former British helicopter carrier HMS Ocean.

NAe São Paulo was formerly the French FS Foch and first entered service with the French Navy in 1963 and with the Brazilian fleet in November 2000. The cost of keeping the ship operational has been a growing concern from the Brazilians as her machinery and systems were rapidly becoming obsolete together with a critical shortage of spare parts.

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