HMS Queen Elizabeth

British News

An event following the 2010 Defence Review many thought would never happen occurred on Wednesday 16 August when the new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth entered her homeport of Portsmouth for the very first time.

The coastline, all along the entrance to the naval base, were lined with thousands of well wishers who cheered the 65,000 tonne aircraft carrier into port.

The Type 45 destroyer, HMS Daring, having returned from a long deployment, will now spend the next two years alongside at Portsmouth serving in the capacity of harbour training ship. The reason behind this move, to take one of only six Royal Navy destroyers, is, allegedly, due to manning issues within the fleet.

Her sister ship HMS Dauntless, currently serving as harbour training ship, will now enter refit for at least the next year, leaving just four operational Type 45’s available for fleet tasking.

Russian News

The Port of Vladivostok was chosen as the location for the commissioning ceremony of the fourth member of the Project 20380 corvette program, Sovershenny.

Each of the corvettes has a displacement of 2,200 tons and is capable of speeds up to 27 knots

Portugese News

The veteran frigate NRP Corte Real completed a major overhaul at Arsenal do Alfeite at a cost of EUR12 million.

The refi t saw work carried out on the frigate’s hull and superstructure as well as enhancements made to her Phalanx Mk 15 Block 1B close in weapon system.

Chilean News

The fourth Piloto Pardo class ocean patrol vessel, Cabo Odger was commissioned into service with the Chilean Navy.

The vessel has a specially strengthened hull to permit it to be used in Antarctic waters.

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