HMS Westminster

British News

After two years out of service undergoing a major reconstruction and refit, the Type 23 frigate HMS Westminster is back in service.

The frigate received one of the most extensive refi ts in modern history that has seen the ship transformed in order to see out the remainder of her career with the Royal Navy.

Engineers from BAE Systems have been working on the frigate for the last 24 months at Portsmouth Naval Base and have replaced the dated Seawolf missile system and Type 996 radar system with the new Sea Ceptor missiles and the Type 997 radar (known as the Artisan 3D).

Additionally, HMS Westminster also had her 4.5 inch main gun serviced alongside her machinery and her bridge systems were also updated and revamped.

French News

FS Auvergne, the fourth Aquitaine class frigate for the French Navy was handed over from her shipbuilders DCNS on 11 April.

The new frigate is configured for anti submarine warfare together with two other ships currently in build, FS Bretagne and FS Normandie.

The final pair of Aquitaine frigates, FS Lorraine and FS Alsace differ from the other six in that they are configured to serve in the anti air warfare role within the French fleet.

New Zealand News

The Royal New Zealand Navy officially announced the name of its new 24,000 tonne tanker on 10 April as being HMNZS Aotearoa and that she would be based at the city of New Plymouth on the nation’s North Island.

The new ship will become the largest ship ever operated by the Royal New Zealand Navy when it comes into service in 2020 and will be able to accommodate up to two helicopters in its integral hanger.

Indonesian News

As part of the Indonesian Navy’s modernisation program, the old Soviet era Parchim-I class corvette KRI Pati Unus (below) has been retired from service.

The vessel first saw service in East Germany in July 1983 before being sold on to Indonesia in July 1995.

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