Peterhead Lifeboat

Peterhead lifeboat has been taken out of action by the RNLI.

This is because of a shortage of crew after the charity stood down some of the volunteers at the Lifeboat Station over what it called “personal rivalries”, “historic disagreements” and “a lack of mutual trust”.

The RNLI stressed that its action has resulted in the lifeboat “being taken temporarily off service”.

The Tamar class all-weather lifeboat The Misses Robertson of Kintail has been stationed at Peterhead Lifeboat Station since 2006, the year she was built. She has now been laid up locally while the RNLI endeavours to resolve the situation. The remaining crew have been thanked by the RNLI for their commitment to the Peterhead lifeboat.

Lifesaving cover is being provided by the flanking Fraserburgh and Aberdeen Lifeboat Stations which have been receiving additional support during this time so 24/7 rescue cover can be maintained. In a statement on June 5 about the lifeboat being temporarily off service, the RNLI said: “This action is a last resort and follows many attempts to tackle a lack of mutual trust, good communications and teamwork among the crew which has become so serious that the Station is no longer capable of operating safely and effectively.

“The decision to relieve volunteers of their duties follows a recent crew meeting, attended by senior RNLI operational personnel, which saw some of the crew continue to exhibit negative behaviours that have been challenged for many years. “The RNLI has put much time and resource into trying to support the volunteer crew and tackle the problems at Peterhead Lifeboat Station, including dedicated staff support and the use of a trained moderator. Attempts to recruit new staff and volunteers have failed.

“The RNLI has previously met with, and written to, some of those concerned to explain the type of behavioural changes that need to be made.

“Unfortunately, some crew members have been unable to work together to put the lifesaving service before their own personal rivalries and historic disagreements, resulting in the decision that they can no longer remain as part of the crew.

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