Power Station Boiler

Two new 110 tonnes heat exchangers to be used in refitting Centrica’s power station at King’s Lynn, arrived at the Norfolk port on the cargo ship H&S Wisdom, 1,552gt, of Amasus Shipping BV, Delfzyl, in December.

Due to the port’s close proximity to the power station site, transporting items for the project by sea cuts the distance travelled by the cargo, reduces transport costs and is a sustainable alternative to transporting the cargo via public roads.

Once complete, Centrica’s power station at King’s Lynn will be capable of producing enough power to meet the needs of around 370,000 households, almost all the homes in Norfolk.

Andrew Harston, of ABP, said: “By providing a more efficient delivery route for cargo needed in the construction of the power plant, we hope that we are helping to minimise the overall carbon footprint of operations involved in the project.”

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