The forward section of the sunken cargo ship Flinterstar that sank in October, 2015 (as mentioned in Coastal Commentary August 2016, page 23), off the coast of Zeebrugge was successfully lifted from the sea after 10 weeks of preparation, the DEME Group said.

In April this year, the Dutch shipping company Flinterstar III BV, the owner of the 9,000dwt vessel that sank after colliding with a LNG tanker, signed a contract with a consortium of Belgian salvage companies headed by Scaldis, a joint venture of DEME, Jan De Nul and Herbosch-Kiere, to remove the wreck.

“Removing the cargo from the hold was the first step, whilst in parallel lifting chains were attached to the bow section of the Flinterstar. On June 27, all preparatory operations were finished and the lifting commenced,” said Marc Voorhuis, a Scaldis director.

Due to the water in the hold which needed to be pumped out, the lifting activities progressed slowly, said Mr Voorhuis. After the water was removed, the section was placed on a pontoon which was towed to Ghent where the section was broken up. The Flinterstar’s stern section was due to be lifted and removed in August.

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