Concordia DockedThe wreck of the cruise ship Costa Concordia was safely towed to the port of Genoa on May 12 to be dismantled.

The stripped wreck was towed from the port of Prà Voltri following the first stage of the wreck’s dismantling project that saw over 5,700 tons of materials removed from the ship so the wreck would have the necessary draft for the 10 mile journey, which took around 24 hours.

The wreck was manoeuvered into the Molo ex-Superbacino Dock at around 0800, escorted by a convoy of 11 vessels, and moored.

The two Italian firms, Saipem and San Giorgio del Porto, will take around 14 months to demolish the wreck. Ferdinando Garre, a naval architect at the San Giorgo del porto, said that around 55,000 tons of steel and 2,000 tons of copper will be recovered from the wreck.

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