Roy VaughanOver the last few years, extracts from Roy Vaughan’s draft book The Last of a Salty Breed have brightened the pages of Sea Breezes as has his contributions to our Letters Pages.

I am delighted that Roy’s book has now been published and was launched in Auckland on December 4th at Auckland Boats Bookshop. The Last of a Salty Breed is a great read and is reviewed in our Bookshop in this edition.

For any shiplover it will appeal, but for many of us who sailed in the days of the great companies and fleets before containerisation, it will bring back many memories of a seafaring way of life that has largely disappeared.

In the accompanying photo Roy (middle) is with Captain Barry Thompson (left) and Clive Spencer (right), two well known contributors to Sea Breezes.

More on this and other news in Sea Breezes Magazine - February 2016 Issue
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