Marine GymGym Company Marine has been awarded an exclusive contract to outfit BP’s fleet of oil and gas carriers with on board gyms, helping BP to execute its ongoing commitment to crew welfare.

With strong roots in the commercial fitness industry, Gym Company Marine is expanding after securing a number of global supply contracts with offshore procurement firms and drilling platforms earlier this year. The BP contract award is the final whistle blast signalling the company’s official arrival into the commercial shipping market.

As an exclusive supplier, Gym Company Marine will be designing and installing bespoke gyms on BP’s new-build oil and gas carriers in addition to refurbishment of gyms in the existing fleet. BP’s renewed investment in its crew gyms is all part of its long term sustainability strategy. A workforce’s success comes from the energy of its people, and crew welfare remains an integral part of the people, and crew welfare remains an integral part of the energy giant’s commitment to safety and operational excellence.

Under International Crew Welfare Regulations shipping companies like BP are obliged to provide recreational facilities for their seafaring workforce. A dedicated exercise space is an important part of this, but an onboard gym serves a much deeper purpose too. It is well proven that regular exercise can help maintain physical and psychological condition, promote good sleep, mitigate fatigue and also prevent work-related injuries. For seafarers, a dedicated gym provides essential access to an active lifestyle, allowing them to maintain good health despite being miles from shore. The resulting benefits, particularly with regard to improved alertness and performance, are a crucial safety factor at sea.

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