NYA ImageThe recent release of the film Captain Phillips, based on the true story of the hijacking of the container ship Maersk Alabama by Somali pirates in 2009, has certainly raised public awareness of the threats facing ships and seafarers in some areas of the world. Maritime security has become an increasingly big and worrying issue over the last decade.

At the beginning of this year NYA International, a specialist crisis prevention and response consultancy announced that it has added SSAS services to Martrack™. This, says NYA, makes it the only fully integrated fleet and risk management solution on the market. This addition completes the range of fleet and risk management functionality available through Martrack™, which can be customised to most shipowners and operators needs, including:

  • Live vessel tracking and fleet monitoring
  • Piracy incident alerts
  • Maritime security information
  • Voyage risk assessment and planning
  • Ship security alert system (SSAS) services
  • 24/7 Operations Centre support
Says NYA’s Managing Director, Alex Kemp: “The addition of SSAS services comes following feedback from organisations that were looking for a single, consolidated system. MarTrack™ provides this, doing away with the need for multiple systems and supplier contracts and giving organisations everything they need in one place. This means time and system efficiencies and could offer significant cost savings too.”

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