Red Kestrel

I am gratified to hear at Cammell Lairds and Red Funnel have a particularly good record in ordering from UK yards, the bigger part of their operation now getting rather old being products of Port Glasgow.

In February 2019, Wightlink, on the other hand, took delivery of a new ship for their service built in Turkey, whose yards seem to be becoming more accomplished and hi-tech day by day. It will be interesting to compare these new ships in operation.

To foreign news and Incat Crowther, the Australian design company, has announced a project to design a 1,000-passenger high speed ro-pax ferry to operate between mainland China and Taiwan to be built by China’s AFAI Southern Shipyard, the Incat Crowther 113 design will be operated by Fujian Strait Shipping Co (CSF) between Pingtan Island and the Taiwanese cities of Taichung, Taipei and Kaohsiung.

The high speed ropax ferry will have two vehicle decks, capable of carrying 230 cars or 42 containers. The resiliently mounted passenger cabin will have seating for 1,000, in a mix of economy and business class. Amenities include a duty-free store, café and mahjong room. The vessel will be powered by four MTU 20V8000 M71L main engines, each producing 9100kW at 1150rpm. Propulsion is by four Rolls Royce water jets, with power transmission via ZF gearboxes. Auxiliary power is provided by Caterpillar gensets.

Incat Crowther is a proven world leader in fast ferry design and pleased to expand their cooperation with China’s leading aluminium shipbuilder AFAI Southern Shipyard. The Fujian Strait Shipping Co (CSF) vessel will be the largest aluminium ship built in China, and when in operation, will promote the further cross Taiwanese Strait public and economic exchange.

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