GNV Cristal

So when arriving at Naples, we now meet the ex Olau Hollandia ex Pride of Le Havre ex SNAV Sardegna, recently renamed as the GNV Cristal.

She is on service to Palermo, Sicily, from Naples and sometimes by way of Malta. Also seen there was another Vistentini type, Cartour Gamma 27,522,’06 one of the popular (with operators anyway) passenger/freight hard working ships, in her case, linking Naples to Catania, Sicily.

A very Italian looking vessel is the Laurana 10,977,’92, built by Fincantieri for Adriatica line routes from Venice to the Adriatic coast, but now integrated into the Sicily focussed Siremar grouping.

Laurana serves the Sicily port of Milazzo, but also links Naples to the Lipari and Aeolian islands off Sicily.

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