The launching of ships is a prestigious event by itself.

It represents success as the efforts of the ship designer, ship builder, owner and operator is finally visualised at its best. However not all boat and ship launch ceremonies are successes, at times these events turn into an embarrassing situation.

This situation occurred earlier this year. Fortunately Lindblad’s National Geographic Quest has started it’s Alaska Service after a delay when difficulties were experienced with the launch! Such was the experience that came to pass in respect of Lindblad Expeditions’ National Geographic Quest, the line’s first new build in the history of the company.

Happily the situation was deftly handled by the company and the related parties involved with the Quest and she commenced her inaugural voyage on July 29 as she set sail from Juneau. The first cruise was an eight-day voyage exploring Southeast Alaska.

While the delivery was a month late from Nichols Brothers, reportedly due to issues launching the vessel (see above photo) Sven Lindblad, CEO and President of Lindblad, commended the team on the achievement, “You all must feel a deep sense of pride and accomplishment, you have all worked tirelessly to make this possible, and are a part of history having played an important role in the building and launch of the most sophisticated and beautiful ship built in the US in decades.”

The 100-passenger Quest commenced operations in Alaska on August 26 and was due to complete the Alaska season three months ago with a sailing incorporating the Inside Passage, combining Alaska and British Columbia.

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