Edward and Mary and Valiant

In the Victorian era, there were many coastal places where craft worked off open beaches.

Hastings in Sussex had one of the largest fleets fishing and is still the largest beach landing with thirteen fishing boats. To survive landing on the open beaches, in a large sea, sailing inshore boats had to be very beamy with rounded bow and stern. One of these is the two masted, decked lugger Enterprise built in Hastings in 1912. She was put into the Hastings Fisherman’s Church, Museum, in 1956.

Because she is kept in the dry, the Enterprise is surviving well, but the boats left outside are in danger from damage by rainwater and sun.

At Hastings, other museum boats are kept outside in between the ‘Net Shops’ where nets were stored. These include the 28ft lugger Edward & Mary built in 1919, and being decked, the rain water is probably kept out. Also between the Net Shops is the decked Valiant built at Newhaven by Lower in 1953, the lute sterned Rebecca May of Lade, built in 1903 and Jimmy Boy built by Phillips at Rye in 1953, and restored in 2011.

The Jimmy Boy’s owner, Jimmy Read, was killed in the 1987 Hurricane when he was checking his winch shed.

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