Ahlmark is Sweden’s oldest shipping company, founded by 1847, and still going strong, if not as strong as they used to be.

Ahlmark vessels are on regular runs to the continent and the UK, especially to Hull, and they now specialise in bringing forest products from the inland ports on Sweden’s largest Lake, Vänern, via the famous Trollhättan Locks and Göta River, by-passing Gothenburg on the way to the North Sea.

The news in April that their Dutch flagged freighter Skagern 2,301,’00 bound for Hull was aground on the Göta River, was a rare hiccup in their long history of trade on these special waters. She had aboard her usual lading of timber products and, initially, it seemed to be a steering problem that had veered the ship into the river bank a few miles below Trollhättan locks. I have heard no alternative theory since.

The eight crew were unharmed. Divers confirmed a minor crack in the hull of Skagern and the vessel took on a small amount of water in a forward ballast tank. The Göta River was temporarily closed to traffic, but she was quickly removed and repaired as she was a few miles from dock facilities in Gothenburg.

As I write, in recent weeks she has been to Dundee and Montrose as well as back to Hull and continental ports.

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