Idun VikingIf the bunkering industry is healthy the offshore oil prospecting, production and supply business goes from bad to worse with 127 vessels reportedly looking for work around the North Sea.

Major companies are laying-up even some of their most modern ships. In late September, the supply boats Frigg Viking, Nanna Viking and Idun Viking 2,596,’03 departed Aberdeen, their sirens echoing round the harbour in farewell, as they sailed for lay-up in the sheltered waters of Uddevalla, Sweden.

I have stated before in these pages my dismay at many of the UK’s politicians and opinion formers in the media being against renewable energy, especially wind turbines. Whatever your view about its worth, in reality renewable energy has been a huge generator of jobs across Europe and increasingly world-wide and the UK has attracted only a fraction of the jobs possible. At Campbeltown out on Kintyre is one of the UK’s few turbine manufacturers.

Missouriborg It is the area’s main employer which brings considerable business to the harbour importing the steel and other materials and exporting the completed machines.

Thanks to the local Agency D McNair & Son Shipping, here we see the Missouriborg 6,585,’00 taking aboard a large export load. I understand some of their machines have been installed in the array off Walney Island in the Irish Sea.

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