Given the precarious nature of the world economy there is one UK based company of very modest origins in the 1960s that is now of world stature and which seems to be going from strength to strength – Carisbrooke Shipping.

They operate over 50 modern dry cargo vessels managed with partners from offices in Cowes, Zwijndrecht, Leer and Bremen and they recently welcomed to their management the eight strong ‘TIP’ fleet owned by Norwegian and German principals, all built ’03-’08.

What seems to be obvious is that a key to their success is wholehearted co-operation with mainland European shipping businesses, and having a rare drive to keep their fleet honed and modern while innovating to be ever more economical in operation. They claim their Vectis Eagle class of ground-breaking hull design, delivered from China since 2012, makes them significantly cheaper to operate than similar sized vessels.

Johanna CI find it strange that so many people decry wind power generation, but it is a fact that while oil is seeing a downturn wind energy is providing many thousands of jobs Europe-wide in the construction and servicing phase. In July Carisbrooke’s Johanna C discharged a record 87 turbine blades in Świnoujście Poland from Taranto, destined for the “Rzepin” windfarm located approximately 100 miles south from Szczecin.

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