Trina Oldendorff

The trial transshipment of coal between two bulk carriers was carried out in the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal in February after the German company Oldendorff Carriers decided to use the deep and protected waters of the Indian archipelago for a shuttle service.

The Panamax bulk carrier Trina Oldendorff. 75,053dwt, loaded 73,088 tonnes of coaking coal at Gladstone, Australia, and then sailed for the islands.

Giving details of the operation, Oldendorff Carriers said: “After clearing formalities at Port Blair, the Trina Oldendorff and the bulk carrier Spar Rigel, 58,000dwt, headed north for about 18 miles towards the anchorage at Port Meadow. When they were about halfway there, the two ships started to slowly come together so that by the time they anchored at Port Meadow, they were secured side-by-side.

“The transshipment was carried out using the sidemounted cranes and grabs of the Trina Oldendorff.”

The line said the ship had been converted to a side-mounted geared ship last year at Chengxi shipyard in China. Four 36-ton MacGregor cranes with grabs were fitted on the starboard side to give an outreach of 30m. Off Port Meadow, the ship successfully transshipped 25,000 tonnes of her cargo to the Spar Rigel which then took the cargo to the Indian port of Haldia, which has a draft restriction of about 7.5m.

The Trina Oldendorff then sailed to discharge the rest of the cargo at an Indian port.

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