Al Messilah

A livestock carrier lost her licence to carry sheep from Australia after failing port state control checks at a livestock preloading inspection at Fremantle on Oct 20.

The Al Messilah, 38,988gt, had been chartered to carry 75,000 sheep to the Persian Gulf. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) found a number of issues on board the Al Messilah during an inspection.

AMSA said: “The surveyor found holes in the decks and bulkheads throughout the ship as well as wastage of the supporting structure.

“Multiple issues were detected with the electrical cabling including wasted conduits, improperly mounted cables, exposed wires and unsealed electrical junction boxes. In addition, the generator was unserviceable, the bulkhead structure was damaged and repairs throughout the livestock decks were of poor quality.”

On Oct 23, AMSA withdrew the ship’s Australian Certificate for the Carriage of Livestock pending the completion of repairs.

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