Kea Trader

The container ship Kea Trader, 24,720gt, which went aground on a reef off New Caledonia on July 12, will have to be broken up, the ship’s owners Lomar Shipping, of London, said.

The decision was made following damage assessments that have shown that the 2,194 teu Maltese-flag ship cannot be repaired. She had suffered extensive damage to the hull, rudder and propeller.

“Most double bottom tanks have been affected. There is water ingress in all five cargo holds, which is being controlled by portable pumps where possible to protect cargo,” the company said on Sept 28.

“There is also evidence of further structural damage within the vessel and additional deterioration being caused while she remains on the rock reef during the rough swells.

“This is being managed on an on-going basis by the Ardent Global recovery team, with assistance from the ship’s own crew. However, given the nature of the damage already known, that expected in currently inaccessible areas, and as a result of the vessel’s continuing deterioration, the company has agreed with its insurer that the ship cannot be repaired and will need to be recycled.”

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