GNLG Queensland

Australian LNG production increased by 53.2 per cent in the first quarter of this year to 10.1mn tons with increased production from the APLNG and GLNG projects in Queensland and the first cargo from the Gorgon project in Western Australia.

According to a report from EnergyQuest, the Australian state of Queensland exported 3.8mn tons of LNG, more than the whole of Russia’s 2.5mn tons of LNG exports.

“Queensland’s performance is extraordinary, from zero LNG exports 18 months ago to more than Russia already,” said the EnergyQuest chief executive Dr Graeme Bethune in June. “Queensland’s LNG projects have all ramped-up more quickly than expected and are near or exceeding the stated capacity.”

During the first quarter of this year, Shell’s QCLNG project shipped 31 cargoes (2.1mn tons) in the first quarter. Santos’ GLNG project shipped 16 cargoes (nearly 1mn tons) and the Origin Energy-Conoco Phillips project shipped 11 cargoes (0.7mn tons).

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