WITH REFERENCE TO THE LETTER FROM C ELWELL in the September 2011 issue of Sea Breezes, regarding the sourcing of scale model merchant-vessels, I would suggest that you contact Birgit and Berndt Schwarz of Galerie Maritim, Hamburg.

Ship ModelsThere are no language problems, both Birgit and Berndt speak English fluently and both are hugely knowledgeable. Birgit (the firm’s proprietor) is the merchant-shipmodel specialist, whereas Berndt is the warship expert.

My son and I have purchased 1250th scale models from Birgit and Berndt for the best part of 20 years and, now, would never consider purchasing such models from any other supplier.

Their contact details are; Galerie Maritim, Martin- Luther-Strasse 21, 20459 Hamburg, Germany.


5 St Peters Close
Rutland, LE15 6EE

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