Taikoo Ships

The feature by James A Pottinger about Taikoo Dockyard & Engineering Co in the June 2018 issue of Sea Breezes was so interesting.

SS Fatshan II immediately caught my eye. My grandfather, Captain William Valentine, was shipmaster of the previous SS Fatshan and other steamers of Hong Kong, Canton and Macao Steamboat Co.

My grandfather and his friend, Captain Bob Bliss, both Montrose seafarers, arrived in Hong Kong in 1901, my grandfather joining Butterfield & Swire as a 2nd Mate. He went on the Canton River with Hong Kong, Canton & Macao Steamboat Co, one year later.

I enclose a selection of images taken during Captain Valentine’s time on the Canton River 1902 – 1923.

A. Shows Fatshan at Canton with Hankow forward (Captain Bob Burse). Note Hankow’s large paddles and beam engine.
B. Another view of Fathshan at Canton.
C. SS Pow-an.
D. Royal Navy gunboat.
E. SS San-Lun.
F. SS Lin-San.
G. Launch towing 32 boats. (pictures in our print edition -Ed.)
H. Paddlesteamer Honam.

Note beam engine. I understand some of these vessels were built in Scotland, others in Hong Kong, probably by Taikoo Dockyard & Engineering Co.

Laurencekirk, Scotland

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