Empress of Canada

A very fine piece in the March 2018 edition of Sea Breezes, under the title Ferry World.

I was especially taken by the last photo in the piece, showing ‘Classics at the Pier Head’, Manxman and Empress of Canada.

I am an ex-Liverpool seaman and sailed regularly from the Pier Head. Many times I saw the view depicted by the photo in Ferry World. At that time, I was sailing with Elder Dempster Lines’ Apapa. Seven voyages to W Africa in 1960 as a deck boy and, later, as a Junior Ordinary Seaman. Seeing as these photos had brought back so many memories, I searched my files and bookcase and came up with the enclosed photos which may be of interest to readers.

The one of the Pier Head with the Empress of Britain and all the cars is very memorable for me as I, so often, sailed from my home in Dublin to Liverpool and then sailing to W Africa from the same Pier Head. That is the Liverpool I so fondly remember, at the age of 16 years old. The two black and white photos (print edition) are of my ship, the Apapa and her sister ship, Accra. Also included is the Flag Ship of Elder Dempster Line, Aureol, a beautiful, yacht like, ship. Great by-gone days!

I sailed from Liverpool from 1959 to 1964. I then joined Trinity House, Irish Lights, until 1966 when I got married (53 years ago). I then “Swallowed the Anchor” and came ashore to join Dun Laoghaire Fire.


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