Side-by-Side towing

With regard to page 9 in the November 2017 issue of Sea Breezes and the piece entitled ‘Supply Ships Being Towed Side-by-Side to Breakers’.

As a retired tug master of many years experience, I cannot understand why such an arrangement would be sanctioned by anyone in authority.

The usual set up for such a tow would be to have separate towlines for each vessel, one say 100-150 fathoms shorter than the other, thus allowing that tow to pass over the bight of the longer towline without risk of collision. This can be set up without a double barrel towing winch. A delta plate could be attached to the winch wire or span from a towing hook if there was no winch and both towlines shackled to the remaining holes.

A simpler solution would surely to have kept one of the supply vessels in running order and used her as the towing unit.

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