RMS Darwin

I was pleased to see the picture of our dear old RMS Darwin in the October 2017 issue of Sea Breezes.

The Darwin was built in 1957 by the Goole Shipbuilding Company for the Falkland Islands Company and faithfully became our only regular link with the outside world until she was sold in 1973.

We had no external air service in those days so we relied upon the Darwin to ferry passengers and mail etc once a month to and from Montevideo in Uruguay. The journey time was around four days, but it often took longer if the sea conditions were unfavourable and it should be said that many of the passengers didn’t always attend the dining room when the seas were particularly rough.

Between trips to Uruguay, the ship sailed around the Islands calling at the sheep farms to deliver their mail and freight and to pick up bales of wool. Also, in June every year, Darwin made a trip to South Georgia, this being in the southern winter period, sea conditions were often extremely wild.

The gross registered tonnage of the vessel was 1793. She was steam driven and could carry up to 30 passengers. After being sold, she was renamed Christos K then in 1978, Hatim and later, the same year, Dania. Sadly, she came to a rather ignominious end as she was arrested in Bermuda for drug running in 1979 and finally scuttled off the Island in 1983.

I understand that she is now one of their many diving wrecks.

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