Rolls-Royce Electric Concept

While the electric car is fast becoming a reality on our streets, we have yet to see electric boats taking over from internal combustion engines around our ports and coastline.

The technology is there and maybe some electric car engines can be easily adapted for marine use? The lack of fuelling up points at marinas and ports generally may be a current handicap, but consider the self-generating capacity of yachts and others using solar panels and wind generators to keep their batteries topped up.

As a small boat owner and user for most of my life, I am all too familiar with the idiosyncrasies of two stroke out boards, and the explosive nature of petrol powered craft. Petrol and diesel engines also bring with themselves a great capacity to foul up a decent boat with the fumes, nose and oily mess they tend to create.

I am the current owner of the “Penguin”, an Allan Wright Variant, a small bilge keeler fitted with a Yanmar Diesel. Nice engine as diesels go, but it also takes up quite a bit of hull space. When the wind is blowing and the yacht under sail power, there is also a chance to generate electricity by fitting a small wind generator to a propeller. The fuel that has to be carried by ice engines increases the risk of fire onboard.

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