Mystery Postcard

I recently purchased a postcard of a steam coaster entering Le Treport, France.

It is postally used, but the cancellation mark is rather smudged and gives no clue to its date of posting. To add to the problem of identification, the ship’s lettering is not in white, so the film of the day did not pick it up. I have placed the details on the enclosed card and I am hoping that some ‘Sea Breezer’ somewhere may be able to help. I have asked a few experts and neither they, nor I can recall having seen this highly distinctive marking. It is one that would stick in the mind. My guess is possibly in the years after WWII for the card, but equally it could be in the decade preceding it.

I’ve listed seven details of the ship as follows; 1. Steam Coaster, 2. Raised quarter decker, 3. British ‘Red Ensign’ flying down aft, 4. Open bridge – no wheelhouse, 5. Three masts – fore – break of focsle, main – abaft bridge, mizzen – aft end of aft housing, 6. Name and port indecipherable due to type of emulsion used by film manufacturers, 7. Seen entering Le Treport – not very clear on postcard. As a lifelong ‘Sea Breezer’ I look forward to some reader cracking this mystery.

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