Ram and Bosin

I have been interested in the recent articles and letters on the carriage of dogs to New Zealand and Australia.

While with Port Line, we carried horses, dogs and cattle. On arrival in Auckland, sometimes horses we unloaded, still in there boxes, transfused to USSCo ships to go to Australia. The photo of the ram and the bosin was taken on the Port Fairy on the way back to the UK. He was a quiet pet and went everywhere with the crew, this was April 1964.

The second photo (see print issue) was taken in KG5 docks July 1961, while on my first trip with Port Line. While with USSCo we carried horses, cattle, sheep and goats. Most USSCo ships had built-in stalls for the live stock. The strangest cargo was lions from a game park outside of Wellington to one near Sydney. They did not like their cages being washed out with the cold Tasman Sea.

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