The photos are of Ocean Shield leaving the Naval Base, Sydney Harbour on Sunday 23 March.

Ocean Shield Having travelled throughout March, London, Hong Kong then leaving Hong Kong on Sunday 9 March (the following day MH370 went missing) to Adelaide. From Adelaide to Sydney and then returning to London via Hong Kong. All flights with one exception were on Boeing 777 aircraft so minds were concentrated.

Having been in Sydney for five days watching Ocean Shield berthed in the Naval Port it was poignant to see it slip its moorings on that Sunday and head out to sea through Port Jackson and wondering if this sophisticated vessel was joining the search for the ill-fated aircraft, which proved to be the case.

It reminds us all that air and sea are intrinsically linked and no more so than this difficult operation. Travel by air or sea is a wonderful and pleasurable experience but we do travel over and through some very hostile environments, which reminds us when it occasionally goes wrong it is not pleasant. God speed to all the search teams.

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