I am researching for our community WWI project which will feed into the UK national project. We are trying to find information about a senior Belgian Naval office who appeared in our community of Darby Green, Yateley, Hampshire.

His name is Graaf de Borchgrave a’Altena. Here is a URL for more information, I apologise it is in Flemish;

www.marine-mra-klm.be/graaf_de_borghgrave_d_ altena__1860___1924__171.htm

There are no details about him from Sept 1914 to 1918. I have later information that he was attached to the Dover Patrol under Keyes. There is a reference to the salvage of ss Onward. Details are interesting. She was scuttled as was on fire against Folkestone pier. She was righted using 6 railway locos to haul her upright. We are trying to find out why a Senior Belgian officer, still of serving age was in Yateley Sept 1914 to 1918. Do any readers have any information?

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