AskoldThe mystery photographs submitted by Mr Dawson in the February 2014 issue of Sea Breezes are as follows.

No 1 was taken in China around 1903-1915 in Port Arthur now known as Lushun Port in Dalian, China. Geographic position 38deg 48’ 45N and 121deg 14’30E. The warship in the centre of No 1 picture is the Russian 5 funnelled ship Askold. She was capable of 24 knots with triple expansion engines and 18 coal fired boilers. She took a drubbing from the Japanese Navy in the Russo-Japanese War in the Battle of the Yellow Sea but managed to escape minus a few funnels. She remained in the Far East until 1915 (Siberian Fleet). She was ordered to the Mediterranean to assist at Gallipoli and after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 she was commandeered by the Royal Navy and named HMS Glory IV. She was returned to the Russians when the Soviets took over Russia and was scrapped in Germany.

There were some anecdotes told about this unique ship eg; “The only revolutions allowed by the Tsar were those used by her engines”. In her Royal Navy days she was nicknamed ‘The Packet of Woodbines’. Those of us old enough, might remember the Woodbine 5 (open topped) pack, much favoured by those on lowly incomes. I would say No 4 is a casualty of the Russo-Japanese War and No 5 is a cargo ship by the name of Eching aground at low tide, braced with anchor cable and ropes for eventual flotation. All-in-all this is a collection of snaps from China.

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