In the December 2013 issue of Sea Breezes there was a letter from a Mrs R Allison of Antwerp.

As an ex seaman I can remember loading stores in the early 60s that had printed on the box lids ‘Not Fit For Human Consumption’. To Be Used As Animal Feed Or Ships Stores.

I also sailed in a few ships that had different menus for officers and crew. The only time we used to see strawberry or raspberry jam was on loading stores as we only ever saw Greengage & Damson. In Shell the cold meat was what we called shell pipeline (liverwurst) or Spam.

The feeding of seamen certainly improved in the late 60s- 70s but I still remember that when I sailed with Chinese catering crews that I would always approach the cook and ask to be fed the same as them. Or if I was on a liner I would tip a steward for a passenger meal. There were good feeders and there were those that thought crews should be lucky they were even fed!

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