After recently meeting the editor, I mentioned that I have had for many years in my possession, the ship’s bell Adherance (1914) and have endeavoured to trace the history of the ship.

I originally contacted Lloyds Register who were most helpful and gave me the following information:
The vessel was a 218 gross tons steel screw cutter, built in 1914 by W J Yarwood & Sons Ltd of Norwich. Her owners were Adherance Shipping Co Ltd and port of registry was Liverpool. Her dimensions were; length 99.9ft, breadth 22.3ft and depth 10.0ft. Ownership changed many times as follows; 1929 Zillah Shipping & Carrying Co Ltd, 1939 Norwest Construction Co Ltd, 1941 British Iron & Steel Corps (Salvage) Ltd, 1946 John Lee (port of registry Belfast), D V Howells & Sons Ltd (port of registry Milford Haven), 1962 Liverpool Derricking & Carrying Co Ltd. The ship was broken up in 1963.

I came to a full stop after writing to some of the companies. I would so much like a description or photograph of her or any other information. I imagine this will be a long shot but thank readers in advance for any help they may be able to offer.

1 Spaldrick, Port Erin,
Isle of Man, IM9 4PB

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