OVER THE YEARS much ugly jargon has come to be accepted when describing shipping. When did ships begin departing from ports instead of sailing?

I accept that this is logical as they arrive! Off-loading of cargo came into use instead of unloading or discharge. This appears to have come from the US military via our services after World War II. One contributor to another shipping magazine persists in describing beautiful two-funnelled ships such as Queen Elizabeth (1940) and Mauretania (1939), as twin-funnelled! To me, a twin funnelled ship is that ugly monstrosity Canberra which had twin funnels side by side.

I thought that Sea Breezes had not succumbed to the modern usage until I read the caption on page 51 of the May 2013 edition. Having been interested in and having worked with ships for over 60 years I have never heard of anybody “Helming” a ship. Why didn’t he steer it?

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