I WONDER IF any readers can help me with research into a Greek freighter, which was torpedoed off Ireland in August 1940.

The ship is the Leonidas M Valmas, she was part of a convoy taking timber from Canada to Dublin, when she became separated from the convoy and was attacked by U46. I am trying to gather information on the ship to make a scale rc model.

The ship is of particular interest to me as she did not sink following the attack, but was washed ashore at Arranmore Island, County Donegal, Ireland, just a few miles from where my father and his family lived. The locals salvaged the timber, some of which was used on the roof of the house my grandfather was building!

I have managed to find some info; Built as Stern, 1921 renamed Gerano, 1934 renamed Leonidas M Valmas, 1935 renamed Germania, 1936 renamed Leonidas M Valmas. Built by Szczecin Or Werke AG, Stettin-Grabow, Germany (now Poland).

So far I have been unable to find any images of the ship. It would be much appreciated if any readers could offer advice on how to find information to enable a model to be built.

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